March 2005

Davyd Madeley with The Clubber’s Guide to Rapid Application Development with GNOME and Python and Cameron Patrick with Software Archery: hitting the bull’s-eye with GNU Arch revision control.

April 2005

Lightning Talks

May 2005

Antics of 2005

June 2005

Russell Steicke on his winning LCA 2005 hackfest entry

July 2005

Leon Brooks with a talk mysteriously entitled The Crimson Panacea

August 2005

Phil Twiss on Open Source WA and Harry McNally on Computer Angels

September 2005

Alex Dawson on Network management and automation using open source tools

October 2005

Davyd Madeley on The Ministry of Source: Ubuncool and John Knight with a KDE 3.5 Sneak Preview

November 2005

Adrian Woodley with Everything you ever wanted to know about VoIP, SIP and Asterisk, but didn’t know who to phone

December 2005

Ian Kent with Autofs, the Linux automounter