Perth Linux Users Group – Annual General Meeting 2019 – Minutes

The Perth Linux Users Group Annual General Meeting held at at 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth CBD on Tuesday 12th February 2019 at 19:25 PM.

Our venue has been provided by tonight.

Please add your name below if you haven’t already. We will be ordering pizza towards so let us know what you want.

0. Opening:

Meeting opened at 7:25 PM

Members present: (Note Quorum is 20% of the current number of members or the square root of the current number of members, whichever is the smaller. Currently 31 paid which equals 5.567…)

Members names

  • Alastair Irvine
  • Benjamin Arntzen
  • Peter Lyons
  • Paul A
  • James Henstridge
  • Margaret Wood
  • Nick Bannon
  • Michel (Guest)


  • James Bromberger

1. Confirmation of Minutes of the 2018 AGM.

  • Paul proposed minutes sent to the mailing list were true and correct.
  • Nick seconded the proposal.
    • 6 people said yes
    • 0 people said no
    • 1 person abstained due to not attending the 2018 AGM


2. Committee Reports:

  • Benjamin (President) to say a few words.

    • Quick shout out to the committee for a lot of work over 2018
    • Last year, we set some goals:
      • Have the new website online
      • Have our infrastructure in a long-term maintainable state
      • Have functional backups
      • Fully functional AV
    • We have achieved 2.5 of these goals. The new site is online, we have functional backups and our infrastructure is partially finished.
    • Big efforts to migrate to new AWS instances. Thanks Peter, Nick, Benjamin and others.
    • We will put a call for paid proposals to migrate to new server infrastructure
    • AV needs further work after the server admin is complete.
  • Treasurer’s Report from Peter Lyons.

    • Current assets: $3313.34
    • Alastair mentioned what about a long term savings account. Can the new committee please consider this for 2019.
    • Edited to add, post-2020 AGM:
      Position at the end of: 2017 2018
      Current Assets $3924.57 $3313.34
      Current Liabilities $0.00 $0.00
      Revenue $663.00 $677.10
      Expenditure $1237.83 $1288.33
      Net Outgoings ($574.83) ($611.23)
  • Secretary’s Report from Paul Del.

    • Our paid membership was higher in the last half of 2018.
    • The previous committee had a few new ideas for events they starting testing in the last half of last year. That’s one thing to focus on for the 2019 committee.
    • I believe if we do any projects for 2019 we should be able to get grant sponsorship from Linux Australia

{ Meeting suspended for Pizza and Drink break}

{ Benjamin is resuming the meeting }

Benjamin: Do OCM’s have anything to say?

Peter would like to move that we say thanks to previous 2018 committee - thank you

Alastair is a member but would like to say if the committee needs paid help they would like to consider him.

Alastair would like new committee to look at reserved AWS instances in future to save or return money. Noted that we can sell unused reserve instances on a marketplace to recoup money.

3. Election of 2019 Committee.

Returning officer will be Alastair Irvine, thanks.

Nominations are the following.

  • President:

    • Benjamin Arntzen (unopposed)
    • Nick Bannon (withdrawn from the floor)
  • Vice-President:

    • Benjamin Arntzen (no longer eligible due to election)
    • Nick Bannon (unopposed)
  • Treasurer:

    • Nick Bannon (no longer eligible due to election)
    • Peter Lyons (unopposed)
  • Secretary:

    • Paul (unopposed)
    • Nick Bannon (no longer eligible due to election)
  • OCM (Ordinary Committee Member):

    • Margaret Wood (unopposed)
    • Benjamin Arntzen (no longer eligible due to election)
    • Paul (no longer eligible due to election)
    • Nick Bannon (no longer eligible due to election)
    • James Henstridge (nomination taken from the floor, elected unopposed)

{ Paused to take Michel’s new membership, which is now active }

  • OCM (Ordinary Committee Member):
    • Michel Nzikou (nomination taken from the floor, elected unopposed)

We would like to thank the 2018 committee: Benjamin, Nick, Peter, Paul, James, Margaret, Dean.

We would like to welcome the 2019 committee above.

4. General Business.

4.1 Special Resolution

"That the proposed Perth Linux Users Group Constitution, as emailed
    to members prior to this meeting, be adopted."

We had a few missing sections(in red) we had to re add so we can re-submit. Which is section 9.0

VOTES: 8 votes yes (unanimous)

5. Other Business.

Paul: I would like to thank Benjamin, Nick, Peter and many others for their administration work of the website, audio video streaming and server hosting infrastructure.

Also big thanks to Margaret for doing all the work on the new constitution for us.

Benjamin says 2019 is here, welcome new committee.

A good thing we can do this year is see how many events, we can get organised/booked ahead.

We are open to new talks and new ideas. If you have new ideas or thoughts please let us know.

New goal of getting new server infrastructure sorted within the next 2 months.

Paul: The previous and new committee has discussed doing this as quickly as humanly possible to reduce our monthly expenses. This includes paying systems admins for help if needed.

Michel suggests the committee should approach universities for projects. Alastair mentions contacting UCC@UWA Benjamin suggested reaching out to Martin Dougiamas Moodle guy.

Try to record talks more where possible.

6. Meeting Close

Closed at 21:02 by Benjamin.